FAQ about TRIP35

FAQ about TRIP35


Q1: Is it true that batteries are not needed?

True, TRIP35 is a camera that can take pictures without batteries .
It has a built-in selenium photovoltaic cell that generates electricity depending on the amount of light.


Q2: Can the lenses be replaced?

It is not interchangeable. However, the lens on TRIP35 is easy to use and takes very good pictures.


Q3: Is the film wound manually?

Yes. The film is wound up manually. The film is wound manually by turning the winding knob.


Q4: Is focusing automatic?

Yes, it will be done manually. Measure the approximate distance between the camera and the subject and focus by aligning the appropriate mark with the red line among the four zone focus marks. It is very easy once you get used to it.


Q5: Does it have a flash?

TRIP35 does not come with a flash. Please purchase it separately. 

 Q6: I cannot press the shutter release button.

After taking a picture, the shutter release button cannot be pressed without winding up the camera. Turn the winding knob.


Q7: A red flap appears in the viewfinder and I cannot shoot.

In dark areas (underexposed areas), a red flag will appear in the viewfinder and the shutter will not release. This is a normal function.


Q8: The winding knob has become stiff and I cannot turn it.

Have you finished shooting the number of sheets of film? If so, the winding knob will not turn. Check the number on the counter.


Q9: I cannot rewind the film.

Did you press the black button on the bottom of the body? If you do not press this button, the film cannot be rewound.

If the button does not retract when the black button is pressed hard, try turning the rewind crank while holding it down.


Q10: What film should I use?

Any 35mm film can be used. As for the sensitivity of the film, ISO 100 is sufficient if you are shooting outdoors in bright light. ISO 400 is recommended for indoor or slightly darker outdoor locations. ISO 200 is in between.

Note that ISO and ASA mean the same thing (both refer to film sensitivity); on TRIP35, you turn the ASA ring according to the film sensitivity, which should be considered the ISO number.

Recommended brands are KODAK and FUJI FILM. The photo finish will vary depending on the product.



Q11: Do you recommend 24 or 36 sheets of film?

Both 24- and 36-sheet film can be used, but 36-sheet film is somewhat more demanding on the camera, so turn the winding knob slowly when winding up the film after 24 sheets.


Q12: Can I use black and white film?

35mm film can be used.。The black and white world is also fun.


Q13: Should I keep the lens cap on?

Lens caps are effective in protecting the lens. It is recommended to keep the cap on when not shooting. It also serves to prolong the life of selenium batteries.


Q14: Are there any things that would be useful to have on hand?

We recommend a blower, a tool that blows away dust and dirt from the lens. You can find them at online stores such as Amazon, camera specialty stores, and large electronics retailers.


I hope you have answered all your questions. If you still have questions, please use the contact form! 


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