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Contrail Camera

Point & shoot ! Brand new 35mm film camera with chocolate brown leather

Point & shoot ! Brand new 35mm film camera with chocolate brown leather

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Easy to use and compact! 
The perfect 35mm film camera for beginners.

This is a new film camera with reupholstered leather for an original style.
The camera comes with a flash so you can take pictures even in dark places.

There are two types: full size camera and half frame size camera.

A half frame size camera is a camera that shoots at half the size of a frame of regular 35mm film. It is possible to shoot twice as many pictures as the number of sheets of film. For example, if you use a 24-shot film, you can take 48 shots. If you take a normal picture, it will be a portrait picture. If you want to take a horizontal picture, hold the camera vertically.

We will send you a PDF file and the URL of the video on how to use the camera.

It comes in a solid box, making it a perfect gift.
Capture those memorable moments with this cute film camera!

✅Working perfectly
✅60-day warranty included
✅Includes usage guide(PDF)
✅Includes the link of the video on how to use it
✅In a black box
✅With a small black bag
✅Free gift wrapping

Camera specs:

☑Optical lens: Full size camera 31mm/F8, 1 element, Half flame camera 50mm/F5.6, 1 element
☑Focusing: Full size camera Focus free, 1.2m ~ ∝, Half flame camera 1.0m ~ ∝
☑Shutter speed: 1/120s
☑Film transport: Manual wind and rewind
☑View finder: Field=70%
☑Flash: Built-in flash, 1~3m flash range
☑Power source: 1xAAA-Alkaline battery
☑Main material: ABS
☑Camera body : Made in China
☑Leather : Made in Japan
☑Size: 123(W) x 69(H) ☓43(D) mm
☑Weight : 175g

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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